I have submitted my soft to a freeware site Vector.
Vector tells me the number of software downloads at every month.
According to this notice, download count of my soft per month is following:
Eye's screensaver : 24
Base64 encoder/decoder(Solaris) : 28
Base64 encoder/decoder(Windows) : 197
Window style changer : 77
Boot Font Editor : 21
HHttp : 8
Syuhitu : 14
Oh, It's very sad.
The most downloaded soft is Base64 encoder, and this soft is my most foolish soft.
In addition, HHttp is only 8.
So, I stopped to publish HHttp.

I should do my best.


Today and yesterday, I added some pages (faq and compile method) to my web site.

According to web information, to be added yahoo directory, it's important that quantity of main contents. So, I do my best effort to add the page of syuhitu. But submit my site to yahoo is several days ago. Is this effort already late?


Yesterday, I finished to develop encode/decode programs of a part of codeset translation tool. Almost of UI part has been created. The remainder part is only auto detection algorithm. And, the largest problem is how to integrate this tool into syuhitu. I should already think this problem.

Besides, I had syuhitu correspond to JavaScript, VBScript, C#. On the unix, there are no C# and VBS users. So, It's only joke.


In these days, I tried to compile syuhitu no x86 architecture. So, I installed Solaris x86 to my PC. And I compiled my editor. But, it failed to compile. I'm very tired. And I gave up. So, I returned to my job of creating encode converter.

About the encode converter, I planed to divide this tool into UI program and conversion program. If this tool used by the user, it should show dialog screen. But, if it used by another program( e.g. my text editor ), the dialog is not needed. So, I think that I should divide the process.


Today, I submitted my site to yahoo and dmoz.
This is th e return match.
Before, I submitted my site there.
But It is not published.
Therefor, I reviewed and corrected my site.
Today, my correction jobs were fixed, I submitted my site.
I hope that my site is published.


Today, I went to health check at my office.
For the convenience of my job, I live in a place of far away from my office.
It's very hard to go to health check.
So, I'm very tired. My motivation doesn't go out.
I will listen to the music, and I sleep now.
(When incidentally saying, the music is MADLAX OST2. And my Desktop wall paper is also it.)


These several days, I created the interface of encode conversion tool.
The function of File selection dialog and codeset selection menu is mounted.
The remainder part is encode conversion function.

↓Oh, first comment is advertisement!


Today, I renewaled my homepage.
I created indexes in every page, and I integrated "syuhitu.org/..." and "syuhitu.org/other/...".
Do you think it's better than before?


I thought why "sdtconvtool" is not useful.
And I found some reasons:
  • This tool can't convert encode on the same file.
  • Easy way to select encode of current locale is not present.
  • This tool can't detect encode of input file.
  • This tool shows many code set on the list.(See following picture)

So, In my tool, I'll overcome above-mentioned problems.
And I created following interface.

Here today.


Today, I changed method of cursor drawing.
When the cursor was moved, the timer of cursor drawing are removed and reset.
In doing so, the cursor becomes easy to see.

In codeset translation tool, I did my work a little.
Maybe, it takes time to develop this tool.


Saturday and Sunday, I don't do nothing.

So, about Syuhitu, I don't have nothing to write.

I spent the holyday reading books, Poe and "Torture complete book".

I'll apply method of correct torture, sometime, somewhere.


Today, I started to develop an encode convertion tool.
Today's works is to design the interface.

I have thought from before, I can't use the debugger. Because, the process of debugger fails when I use it.
Forte Developer 6.0 supperts only solaris 7, 8, 9, but I use it under Solaris 10. Will this be a cause?
Should I return Solaris before version?


Surprisingly, my decision to write blog does not swing yet.

I think, I should develop a encode converter.
Most functionable editors correspond multi encoding, but Syuhitu does not.
I schedule that the function of encode conversion is mounted by the tool which is independent of Syuhitu.
And the tool can be integrated into Syuhitu.

I am wishing my plan to succeed.